Gourmet Salads $8.50

Randys Chicken Dinner

Chicken Dinners

2 PC light or dark dinner $9.50

3 PC light or dark dinner $11.50

Served with choice of Potato, coleslaw or baked beans, & dinner roll

Chicken Tenders

2 PC Chicken Tender, Potato & Slaw $8.95

3 PC Chicken Tender, Potato & Slaw & Roll $11.95

4 PC Chicken Tender, Potato & Slaw $ Roll $14.95

8 PC Chicken Tender, Potato & Slaw & Roll $31.45

12 PC Chicken Tender, Potato & Slaw $ Roll $44.95

Randys Chicken Dinner

3 PC Chicken Tenders $7.65

6 PC Chicken Tenders $15.30

8 PC Chicken Tenders $19.99

12 PC Chicken Tenders $29.99

Chicken Buckets

5 PC Chicken Only $12.75

5 PC Meal $20.95

8 PC Chicken Only $19.95

8 PC Meal $32.95

12 PC Chicken Only $29.95

12 PC Meal $43.95

16 PC Chicken Only $39.95

16 PC Meal $65.90

*Meals include choice of Potato, coleslaw, & dinner roll


Mashed Potatoes $2.95 $4.25 $5.25

Cole Slaw / Pint $5.95

Potato Salad / Pint $5.95

Randys Chicken Quesadilla

Crispy Chicken Quesadilla $6.50

Fish Tacos $8.75

Two flour tortillas filled with battered cod, cabbage, pico de gallo, with a chipotle ranch sauce.

Chicken Burrito $7.25

Grilled chicken, Spanish rice, pico de gallo, cheese, chipotle ranch. Wrapped in a flour tortilla.

Tortilla Wraps

Chicken Bacon Ranch $8.95

Chicken Caesar $8.95

Chicken Oriental $8.95

Chicken Garden $8.95

Turkey-Bacon-Ranch $8.95

Veggie $8.25

Crispy Chicken $6.50


Tater Tot Hot Dish $7.25

With Shredded Cheese 7.80

Shrimp Dinners $10.95

With Potato, Slaw, & Roll.

Hot Beef Sandwich $10.95

Roast Beef on Bread, with Mashed Potatoes, smothered in Beef Gravy (or try Turkey or Chicken)

Chicken Alfredo $7.95

Served with warm garlic bread-stick.

Chicken Ala King $5.95

Over a Baked Potato.

The Fryer

French Fries Reg $3.25 Large $3.95

Seasoned Waffle Fries Reg $3.50 Large $5.95

Sweet Potato Fries Reg $3.50 Large $5.95

Onion Rings Reg $4.25

Cheese Curds Reg $5.95

Chicken Nuggets (4) Reg $3.50

BeastE Boy Burger

Juicy Randys Burger

A Double Burger with Mayo, American and Swiss Cheese, Bacon, Mushrooms, and Grilled Onions $8.25

1/3 lb Burgers

Chipotle Bacon & Cheddar with Grilled Onions $8.25

The Dandy with Cheese, Mayo, Ketchup, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion $8.25

Mushroom & Swiss with Grilled Onions $8.25

✓ Make it a Combo With Fries & Pop


Cheeseburger $5.25

Double Cheeseburger $7.95

Hamburger $4.95

Bacon Cheeseburger $7.25

Double Bacon Cheeseburger $9.95

California Cheeseburger $6.95

California with Bacon $7.95

Mushroom Onion/Swiss $6.95

DBL MAX Cheeseburger $7.95

✓ Make it a Combo With Fries & Pop


Hot Ham & Cheese $5.95

Rueben $8.95

Crispy Chicken $5.95

Fish Sandwich $5.95

Veggie Burgers $5.95

Sloppy Joe $4.95

Wheat Berry Bread Deli Sandwiches $8.95


Bacon Turkey Club

Turkey & Swiss


Patty Melt $8.25

Grilled Cheese $5.25


Salad Bar

Salad Bar Is Open

Small $5.25 / Large 8.50

Gourmet Salads To Go


Chicken Caesar

Oriental Chicken

Chicken Veggie

Chicken Bacon Ranch

Beef Taco Salad


Beef Stew

Cup $3.50 Bowl $4.95 Pint $6.50

Chicken Noodle

Homemade Chili

Bean & Ham (Seasonal)

Beef Stew (Seasonal)

Kids Meals


Grilled Cheese

Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Leg

All Kids meals served with fries, mashed potatoes or Apples Sauce, Drink & Cookie $6.50


Served Until 11:00 AM

#1) Two Eggs, Meat, Toast & Potatoes $9.95

#2) Two Eggs, Meat & Toast $8.95

#3) Two Eggs, Toast & Potatoes $6.95

#4) Two Pancakes and Meat $8.95

#5) Three Pancakes $6.50

#6) One Egg, 1/2 Meat, 1 Toast $5.95

#7) Two French Toast & Meat $8.95

#8) Three French Toast $6.95

#9) One Pancake & 1/2 Order Meat $5.75

#10) One Egg, 1 Toast & Potatoes $4.50

#11) Two Eggs & Toast $4.50


Served with toast and choice of potato.

Ham & Cheese $9.95

Denver or Western $9.95

Everything $10.95

Hot Mess Breakfast
Hot Mess Skillets $11.95

Eggs scrambled with sausage, bacon, ham, peppers, onions, mushrooms, and cheese. Served with toast and choice of potato.

Sunrise Special $8.50

Two Eggs, 1/2 Order Meat One pc Toast and Potatoes

The Six Pack $8.50

2 Pancakes, 2 Bacon & 2 Eggs

Biscuits & Gravy $7.50

With 2 Eggs $8.50

Cinnamon Rolls $3.25

Bran Muffins $3.25

Breakfast Sandwiches

Muffin or Bun $4.95
Croissant $5.25

Sausage, Egg and Cheese

Bacon, Egg and Cheese

Ham, Egg and Cheese

Breakfast Burritos

Denver $8.25

Western $8.25

Chorizo $8.25

Ice Cream & Desserts

Cones - Chocolate, Vanilla, Twist $3.25

Shakes $5.25

Malts $5.50

Flavors - Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Raspberry, Hot Fudge, Peanut Butter, Creme de Menthe, Caramel

Root Beer Float $3.95

Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.00

Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treat $1.95

Cinnamon Roll $3.25

Coca Cola Beverages

Small $2.50

Med $2.95

Large $3.25

Juice Large $2.50

Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee $2.95

Iced Coffee with Carmel $3.25

Catering Photo

Catering Menu

Box Lunches or Buffet Style

Family Neighborhood Picnics and Parties. Church Lunches, Grooms Dinners, Weddings, Anniversaries and more.

Chicken Dinners or Chicken Tender Dinners. With your choice of two side dishes.

Choose from Mashed Potatoes with Gravy * Creamy Homemade Cole Slaw * Potato Salad * Creamy Pasta Salad * Kettle Chips * Baked Beans * Special K Bars * Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Call for more details: 651-388-1551 Ask for Sara or Email randyscatering@hotmail.com

Dube Family Sara Randys Sara Randys

Our Story

Randy's began as a drive-up restaurant in 1969. The menu began with just burgers, fries, and chicken. Seating and brick facade were added in 1974. Randy's has been remodeled several times thereafter. The menu has increased to include a full breakfast menu, sandwiches, a salad bar, wraps, melts, and a ton of catering.

Believe it or not, there is no "Randy". Randy's was opened by Ralph Roberts and sold to Joe Dube in 1986 and was purchased by Joe's daughter Sara Plum. We at Randys take pride in serving the greater Red Wing area for over 50 years and look forward to continuing the tradition into the future.

We are conveniently located on Hwy 61 (Main St.) on the South side of downtown Red Wing. Look for the rusted roof! Plenty of parking - seating for 120 - convenient drive thru. Family pricing with plenty of specials.

So come on down and see what the locals are talking about!



Randys Restaurant is located in downtown Red Wing - Conveniently located on Hwy 61 (Main St.) on the South side of downtown Red Wing. Look for the rusted roof! Plenty of parking. Seating for 120. Convenient drive thru. Family pricing with plenty of specials.



7AM - 9PM


E:mail: randyscatering@hotmail.com

Thank You For Visiting

Randys Restaurant